At SPACERS we are specialists in fasteners for vehicles, screws, nuts, competition studs, bushings, tilting and anti-theft bolts

Competition Hardware

We have at your disposal, complete special competition screws. Made of high-alloy aluminum and in various colors of anodized finish.

QBOS Buy and Ride

We have at your disposal buckets of complete fasteners, both screws and nuts, for the most standard measures on the market.

Generic and anti-theft screws

We have all kinds of screws, different lengths. We also have all kinds of normal wheel locks, special ones for mounting with spacers and various types of competition studs.


Hardware PCD variations bolts & nuts

We have special sliding fasteners, either screws or nuts, to anchor tires from one anchor to a different anchor.

There are several versions, both normal and special to mount with separators and in an anti-theft format.

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